My Story


Daniel Williams

I started my first job at 10 years of age and started an entrepreneurial journey as a teenager building and selling computers to anyone who would buy them.

My first experience running a business came at the age of 21, over the space of 15 years we built the business from 4 people to 100. Throughout that time I read many books, served on several advisory boards, engaged coaches, tried many systems and nothing really stuck or stood the test of time.

I came across EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) in 2015 through Daniel Davis. I read Traction and after many “aha moments” I couldn’t help looking back and wishing I had known even just a few of the EOS tools when building a business. Needless to say I was all in from about 5 minutes into the 90 minute meeting with Daniel Davis. 

Having run EOS in a business as the Visionary for 4 years our business grew by over 100%, built and refined an awesome culture and achieved unprecedented clarity, discipline and accountability.

I wanted to share this experience and amazing set of simple tools with others. I became a Professional EOS Implementer so I could help business owners like you.

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